Where The Fuck Is _ In Xcode 4?

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It can be hard to find your way around Xcode 4 at first, especially coming from Xcode 3. This is a quick start guide for how to find various Xcode 3 items in Xcode 4.

The files & groups view

This is now the project navigator. It is the first tab in the navigator section on the right. It can be accessed by pressing cmd-1.

Xcode 4 view selection control

The debugger

This is now build into the main window and slides up below the editor. It can be shown/hidden using the middle views button in the toolbar

Build logs

These are the last tab of the navigator. It can be accessed by pressing cmd-7


Breakpoints are now managed in the breakpoint navigator (the 6th tab). It can be accessed by pressing cmd-6

The ability to add existing frameworks

Go to the build phases for your target and open the Link Binary with Libraries. Press the + button to show the chooser.

Command-Option-Double click support

It's gone. Use the quick help and then click for full documentation. Bug filed: (rdar://8689104)

Editor Splitviews

Switch to the assistant editor to access splitviews. Option clicking on a file (or a symbol in code) will open it in the secondary editor pane

Such and such a keyboard shortcut

The keyboard shortcuts have (rather annoyingly) changed in Xcode 4. Colin Wheeler has updated his brilliant Xcode keyboard shortcut guide for Xcode 4

3rd party editor support

It's gone. Unlikely to return.

Argument/environment settings

Edit the current scheme and choose the argument tab from the Run, Test or Profile sections to set up arguments/environment variables for those tasks

The build config chooser

Choose the config to use for running, testing, profiling, analysing and archiving from the edit scheme sheet.

Target/project settings

Select the project in the project navigator

Toolbar customisation

It's gone. Unlikely to return.

Perforce/CVS support

It's gone, along with mullets and mobile phones the size of bricks.

The Preprocess/show assembly options

It's gone. File a bug if you want it back.

IBPlugin support

Editing support is gone. Compiling support is available if you have Xcode 3 installed and plugins set up in IB 3. To edit use IB 3. May return eventually.