Reply To A Scam Artist

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I put my old iMac for sale on eBay yesterday. A few hours after it going on sale, I saw that someone had bought it at the "Buy Now" price. I got a bit suspicious as they had only signed up that day and had no feedback. My suspicious were confirmed this morning when I received emails from eBay saying that the buyer had left the site. All credit to eBay, I was able to get through to someone on the phone within a 90 seconds of calling (despite them saying there was a large number of calls) and get my fees refunded so I could re-list it.

Anyway, I checked my spam folder on a whim a little while ago and found some emails from the fake buyer. Turns out they had sent money to a PayPal account (that no longer exists) and were wanting me to ship the iMac to Nigeria. I could have just left it, but I thought "why not have a little fun". So here is my reply:

Scam reply