EXCLUSIVE: Apple Maps Press Conference Coverage

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8:30am: Hello and welcome to this coverage of Apple's October 12th Maps press conference. Apple called this conference in response to the uproar over their new Maps applications.

8:40am: We're noticing a lot of people filing in, dressed like tourists. I overheard one of them asking whether this was Buckingham Palace, and pointing to their iPhone claiming Siri sent them here.

9:00am: The music has stopped, Tim Cook is taking to the stage

9:01am: "I'm glad you all found your way here. I want to talk to you today about our fantastic new Maps application."

9:02am: "The response has been fantastic. Here's what one happy customer said"

9:02am: "'Maps is insanely great' - Jonny Appleseed"

9:02am: "Unfortunately some people have been complaining about the quality of our maps, so I'm here to tell you our solution"

9:03am: "Radar or GTFO!"

9:03am: "Thank you for coming today, and here to play us out, U2"

9:05am: U2 have taken to the stage and started playing "Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"

9:10am: U2 are finishing off with "Where The Streets Have No Name"

9:16am: And that's the conference over with. Now just to find my way homeā€¦